It's your first visit to the Face Bar and you've just experienced the Supercharged Signature Peel. Here's what to expect over the next 4-5 days...


Day 1

We apologize in advance if whilst coming home from the Face Bar you are mistaken for an Oompa Loompa; this is due to the chemical peel We do not recommend trying to cover your fake-tan gone-wrong appearance with makeup or any other product. We do however recommend wearing a wide brimmed sun hat to protect your dignity...and more importantly your skin! Also, sweating could cause the peel compound to wash off so we caution against vigorous exercise and social anxiety. It is necessary to leave the compound on for a minimum of 8 hours so embrace your #orangeface and be proud of your transformation!


Day 2

Having washed the peel compound from your face you should now resemble a sunburned British tourist on holiday in Ibiza. Your red and Dorito hued skin will persist throughout the day. Oh the vanity! On the bright side, if this doesn’t make you feel self-conscious nothing will! You may also notice some skin tightness and slight peeling around the corners of the mouth so keep skin hydrated with a good moisturizer from our treatment kit. Looking good #orangeface!


Day 3

This is the transformational part of the peel process as long thin pieces of your skin begin to peel off like beef jerky. Don’t worry it’s not painful, in fact, some folks find it weirdly satisfying not to mention exciting as you reveal fresh new baby-like skin beneath. Follow our recommended skin regimen for best results. You will also want to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen if planning to venture outdoors.


Day 4

You can expect more peeling as your skin continues to undergo its transformation. This part will reminisce of Kafka’s Metamorphosis as your dull tired skin is transformed into radiant, baby-soft skin.


Day 5

It’s a new’s a new day...and you’ll be feeling good as the last bits of dead skin have sloughed away and all that’s left is clearer, tighter, glowing, gorgeous fresh skin!