Power Purge – $69

Sometimes all you need is a deep clean! This facial is all about expert extractions and efficient removal of blackheads and whiteheads. Nobody does it better than us.


Cleansing – Extremely thorough cleanse of the skin.

Oxygen Mask – To decongest, open pores, and soften skin for deep pore purge.

Steam Wrap – Hot towels in preparation for extractions.

Extractions – Manual techniques as well as specialty tools used to purge every kind of skin impurity.

Highly frequency – High frequency anti-bacterial light current to disinfect, encourage cellular turnover and calm down the redness.

Calendula Compress – An anti-inflammatory compound to sooth and calm the skin.

Aloe Vera – Whole leaf Aloe Vera gel with an array of hydrating properties is applied using lymphatic drainage massage technique.

Tinted SPF-30 Sunscreen – Sheer antioxidant sunscreen that provides full-spectrum protection and a hint of bronze.

BOOST O2 Vitamin / Neck Generation / Beam LED / Acid Peel / Buff (Microderm)

15 minutes / $20.00