Permanent makeup is an excellent way to enhance natural beauty, avoid daily re-applying of cosmetics and achieve perfect symmetry everyday. We use the finest grade pigments to achieve any look our clients desire. We work with our clients to customize and perfect eyebrows. Starting from $500.



Permanent makeup can eliminate the smudging and running of store-bought eyeliners- permanently! Its gives definition to the eye and makes the lashes look thicker. It takes away the “bald” look that makes you look tired all the time. Starting from $350.



Permanent makeup can give you back that orginal colour of youth to misshapen, undefined, devoid of colour, shrinking by the minute and those tiny “bleed” lines that lipstick creep into! It can make your lips appear bigger and gives your lips a natural colour or a colour that you like to wear. Starting from $450.

Touch up and Boost


Flawless Touch Up / $99 - 6 weeks touch up brows, eyeliner, and lips.

Flawless Colour Boost / $250 - Refresh after 12 weeks up to 12 months.