The Face Bar Winnipeg


This is by far the most epic skincare treatment out there; an affordable luxury that leaves your face with clearer, tighter, glowing skin. 


Signature Peel$99

With 20 years of experience, a client list that reads like a who’s who in Hollywood, and an incredible track record for results, Tricia Dikes Supercharged Signature Peel is one of the most trusted and sought-after facial treatments in the US. Tricia’s customized one-of-a-kind peel has only been offered in her private Beverly Hills practice until now. Our highly trained and seasoned Estheticians at The Face Bar Winnipeg will offer the same quality signature peel that Tricia has been performing for 20 years. 

Most facials cleanse the pores and the surface of the skin, but our Supercharged Signature Peel reaches deep into the subcutaneous layers of the skin to target acne and acne scarring, fines lines and wrinkles, sun damage, melasma (patchy skin), and hyper-pigmentation while reducing pore size, evening skin-tone and increasing the skin’s elasticity and replacing dull fatigued skin with dewy glowing skin. 

This is by far the most epic skincare experience. This peel is an intense, safe and effective treatment that resurfaces and improves texture and tone. It boosts collagen and elasticity, and leaves your face looking more youthful and glowing.


Cleanse – Micellar water to wipe away any skin impurities and make -up

Steam Wrap – Hot towel wrap to prepare the pores for light extractions

• Light Extractions – Gentle but effective pore purge

Exfoliation – Crushed up shells of sea urchins will feel like beach sand being massaged into your skin. For 15 minutes the exfoliant magically eats away at the top few layers of dead dull skin, devouring any acne or bacteria on the skin

Customized Acid Glow Pad – The exfoliant is then wiped away with an acid pad soaked in a blend of Kojic and Lactic acids to resurface and brighten skin. This may feel a bit sandpapery but the sensation is quickly soothed by the cooling sensation of the cold roller.

Ice Cold Roller – Taking the heat away with the ice cold roller provides instant relief and tightens pores

Oxygen Mist – Pure Oxygen infused with 87 Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes and Amino acids misted on the skin. Cooling and healing

Peel – This is the Magic! Proprietary blend of TCA acid peel with the signature orange colour is applied the entire face. The peel must be left on for 8 hours to work its magic.

Don’t be alarmed when you look in the mirror and see an orange face staring back at you it only lasts 8 hours. For the next 5 days your face will peel away revealing shiny new beautiful skin underneath. So don’t fear the it baby! #orangeface.

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