The Face Bar Winnipeg

Hot Lift

Pick up the slack with this advanced anti-aging facial which firms and lifts your skin instantly. Our pharmaceutical protein enzyme exfoliation promotes detoxification. The supercharged duo face mask improves clarity, elasticity, and texture delivering the appearance of more youthful, healthy, and firmer skin. Finished with probiotic eye cream, enzyme moisturizer and sunscreen.


Hot Lift Facial – $69

Pick up the slack with this advanced anti-aging facial. The Star of this facial is our pharmaceutical protein enzyme exfoliation which leaves your face tight and instantly lifted without all the peeling.


Cleanse – Thorough cleanse of the skin

• Exfoliation – Super stimulating cinnamon exfoliant digests dead skin cells while increasing circulation and capillary blood flow

• Masks – Highly active protein enzyme mask lifts, firms and tightens the skin

Aloe Vera – This blend contains an array of soothing ingredients applied to dissolve and remove enzyme mask

• Protein MIst – Balances the pH and conditions the skin

• Anti-Aging Ampule Single use face-lift in a sealed vail

• Eye Cream – Reinforces and seals the ampule, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Moisturize – Lightweight moisturizer to hydrate with metadermabolic enzymes, apricot oil, and lactic acid

• Tinted SPF-30 Sunscreen – Sheer antioxidant sunscreen that provides full-spectrum protection and some coverage

BOOST O2 Vitamin / Beam LED / Wax / Buff (Microderm)

15 minutes / $20.00