Glow on the Go – $69


This rejuvenation treatment focuses on hydrating and plumping the skin for an overall instant glow - the perfect solution for a quick reset before a night out and an essential part of the Face Bar skin care regime.

Our skin takes a beating and by the end of the week it can appear dull and muted. The Glow on the Go facial puts the luster back into your complexion leaving your skin looking brightened and radiant. Sometimes we just need an instant boost so we can look and feel our best. 


  1. Cleansing – Thorough cleanse of the skin.

  2. Steam Wrap – Hot towel to prepare the pores for light extractions.

  3. Light Extractions – Gentle but effective pore purge.

  4. Oxygen Mist – 87 Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes and Amino acids to hydrate and brighten skin.

  5. Customized Acid Glow Pad – Acid pad soaked in a blend of Kojic, Lactic and TCA acids to resurface and brighten skin. This may feel a bit sandpapery but the sensation is quickly soothed by the cooling sensation of the cold roller.

  6. Cold Collagen Roller – A collagen solution rolled over the face to hydrate, reduce inflammation, tighten, and boost elasticity.

  7. Hydrating/Plumping Mask – Custom Aloe and Vitamin E mask brushed on cold for 10 minutes. Invigorates and plumps.

  8. Brightening Eye Complex – Diminishes puffiness and increases firmness, elasticity and brightening around the eye area.

  9. Repairing Moisturizer – Potent Anti-Aging formula to retain moisture and boost oxygen levels of the skin.

  10. Tinted SPF-30 Sunscreen – Sheer antioxidant sunscreen that provides full-spectrum protection and some coverage.

BOOST Eye Lift / Beam LED / Extractions / Neck Generation / Wax / Buff (Microderm)

15 minutes / $20.00